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My Story


Thirty years ago I headed off to Central Michigan University to become a teacher but was quickly captivated by the nutrition program and the critical role food plays in how the body functions. My original desire to teach soon pushed me back to school at Cleveland State University to obtain my Master's Degree in Education, so I could combine my two passions: teaching and nutrition. In addition to my educational background, I have also raised three very active children.  I understand that life gets busy, complicated, and sometimes messy, but I believe I have the tools to help keep you focused and ready to tackle each day.

Fads in nutrition have come and gone, but the foundation of healthy eating has stayed the same. I still believe in the old saying "you are what you eat." Together we will get back to basics so food can work for you, not against you. I will help get your energy back so you can give your best performance at work, home, and play.