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Meet Kristy
Kristy has been a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years, with her Master's Degree in Adult Education. Kristy has raised three active children and understands the struggles and demands of balancing a busy life with a healthy life.  She is ready to help equip you with the nutrition tools needed to get the most energy and best performance out of your day.  
Keeping it Fresh


We tend to get stuck in routines or ruts that make it difficult to stick to a healthy life plan. My blog will give you "fresh" new ideas on how to live a healthy life, including planning and preparing "fresh" foods.

Individual Nutrition Coaching
Healthy Eating
Weight Management
Sports Performance
Disease Management


Individual nutrition coaching will be tailored to your specific needs and unique to your lifestyle. If a support system is important to meeting your nutrition goals, significant others are welcome to attend.


Weight Loss Classes

The Food Fit for Life is a workbook and strategy designed and written by Kristy to shift your daily routine towards healthier habits that will also shift your weight and body to a healthier you.   

Nutrition Workshops

Workshops are a 30-45 minute presentation on a predetermined nutrition topic. Great for worksite wellness, business meetings, youth sport teams, church groups, clubs, or any group looking for an informative and energizing break from the routine to promote health and performance.